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New News Story

Hellooooo it's your favourite member of JLT here (Daisy Field, unless you didn’t know) to report all that's gone down in the last two weeks. Sit tight: this may be a blog on the slightly longer side. 


If you didn't already know, last week there was NO SCHOOL - YAY!!!! But I have to admit, the week before half term at school was pretty exciting. It was Science Week so we got to do plenty of fun experiments (including getting a bit messy with some explosions). Fortunately they were pretty harmless; no one as far as my knowledge was injured – which depending who you speak to, may be a considered a missed opportunity!


Being the responsible JLT I am (don’t snigger!), I volunteered to demonstrate some Science experiments in front of the younger pupils at school. At first I was slightly reluctant to be doing something so messy with others (I love to keep my uniform neat and tidy). Eventually I warmed to the idea and in the end I only got a little wet. Unfortunately one of my best mates couldn't say the same and was covered head-to-toe in water! Although the weather was in our favour and since it was such a boiling hot day, we quickly dried off in the sun.


By the end of Wednesday, everyone was now so excited about community day on Thursday. We could hardly wait! It was going be great: no school uniform, endless servings of food; and most importantly getting to throw sobbing wet sponges at teachers!


Thursday had finally arrived (silent cheering) and I came into school - earlier than usual: 9:01 to be precise. I was thoroughly surprised we didn't have any ordinary lessons. For most of the day we continued with some art for our top-secret year six production and practised a few of our secret songs for the production. We were slightly pitchy so we made need a little more work (maybe A LOT more work) on our singing.


Community day was so much fun, although a couple of greedy parents had taken all the chips before I'd even had a chance to put my hands on them. Apart from that - and me basically gambling half my money away - I think all the pupils would agree when I say that community day was a great treat for children and parents to just relax and have a bit of fun in the glorious London summer sun.