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Barlby Blog 

The Barlby Blog - Part 1!

Hello! Heeeellllooooooooo!!! My name is Heba Latif and I am in the JLT, which, for those of you who have been on planet Zordanshia for the last three years (maybe you haven’t, because it is something I have made up, literally…like, 2 seconds ago), is the Junior Leadership Team. We were created to be the junior version of the SLT…so be afraid…

…be VERY afraid!

I have been a member since September 2016 and have had the opportunity to carry out some amazing jobs for the school. Some of these tasks include, courtyard supervision, KS1 playground supervision and giving out stickers in achievement assembly. We have also conducted an assembly to inform our fellow ‘mates’ of various aspects of the regeneration project.

As you can see life in the JLT is quite busy and exciting! Coming back after Easter, there was no time for slowing down, in fact, we hit the ground running. Here are some of the thrilling events that have taken place since then:

As you know Monday was Bank Holiday so you know what that means…NO SCHOOL! (Insert happy emoji face here, but if Mr Mannix sees, insert sad emoji face here.)

Tuesday : Year 6 were at school bright and early for maths boosters in preparation for SATS. The extra lessons are proving useful as we have a chance to go over lessons twice.

On Wednesday, as part of their topic, Year 3 had a Greek dress up day. It was role play from hundreds of years ago! They got to, literally, step into their shoes! The Year 3s had a great deal of fun and also learnt a lot about Ancient Greece.

On Thursday & Friday, we finally got a bit of a break! Normal lessons resumed but not much went on apart from that! It was a welcome end to an eventful week back.