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Barlby Blog

HEEEELLOOO! my name is Yousif Abdelmoula and I am a member of JLT (THE JUNIOR LEADERSHIP TEAM!)

If you still don’t know what JLT is, we are the junior version of SLT. Basically, we are quite important! JLT has existed for the past three years.

Some people in Year Six are going on our school journey on May 15th and coming back on May 20th. PGL IS GOING TO BE SOOOOO COOL; I am looking forward to it, like a slightly large child who looks forward to having a slice of cake….or three!

However, before that, Year Six have to work very hard because we have SATs on May 8th – this Monday coming! Some of pupils in Year Six (including myself) have been going to school for 8am for Maths Booster classes. We get to eat toast and cereal (tasty! Rice Krispies for me) and after we finish our boosters, we go to class and get ready for our day of learning.

Oh, before I go, Heba mentioned the Greek Day that Year Three had last week. I just wanted to say, when I saw them, I honestly thought that they were all ninjas (LOOOL!)

Thank you for reading my short blog and I hope all of you venerable people who read this are proud of me!

By Yousif Abdelmoula.