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Regeneration News

Barbly has been judged 'Outstanding' by Ofsted but it's buildings are outdated, tired and don't make best use of the site. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is working with Barlby Primary School to deal with these issues. A larger building would allow Barlby to increase its intake from 45 pupils to 60 pupils per year from 2019. This means the school will eventually have 450 pupils in total, including 30 in the Nursery.

With the possibility of many new housing schemes being built in North Kensington demand for school places is expected to increase and an expanded Barlby Primary School would help meet this need. 

At the same time, a new special school for children could be built on the Barlby site. Kensington and Chelsea currently does not have a dedicated special school within the borough, meaning that many children travel some distance to schools in other boroughs and the independant sector. With more and more children being identified as having autistic spectrum disorder and the continuing demand for places for those with severe learning difficulties it is clear that a new school meeting those needs would provide excellent, high quality and cost effective support. 


Reviewed Timeline
31 January 2017 Consultation.
Spring 2017 Planning application submitted.
Summer 2017 Expected decision on planning application.
July 2017 Work begins on temporary accomodation, subject to planning approval.
Summer 2018 (TBC) Main works begin, subject to planning approval. 
November 2019 (TBC) Work on new Barlby Primary School completed. 
2020 (TBC) Work on new special school completed. 

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  • Regeneration Works Summer 2017

    Published 18/08/17

    Click on the link below to take a look at our Regeneration photo album in our gallery for all the updates of The Regeneration at Barlby. 


    Regeneration Photo Album 


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  • Regeneration Update 

    Published 11/07/17
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  • Regeneration - Day Two

    Published 04/07/17
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  • Regeneration - Day One 

    Published 03/07/17

    Day 1 and Regeneration begins. 

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  • Regeneration News 

    Published 03/07/17
    Packing up for moving our classrooms.   Our Year 6 classrooms are ready to be craned.   Year 6 have moved next door for their last two weeks.   
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  • A Group of school staff working as a team for regeneration 

    Published 20/06/17
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  • The beginning stage of regeneration! 

    Published 12/06/17

    And so it begins! #BarlbyRegeneration

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  • An Update from The Headteacher 

    Published 19/04/17
      19th April 2017 Dear Parents/Carers, I am writing to update you on the plans for the forthcoming regeneration project. As you know, we have a longer summer holiday this year to allow for noisy and disruptive work to take place whe
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  • Regeneration Update

    Published 18/04/17
    We have moved our wonderful art work from the KS1 playground to make way for the new classrooms.    This is the area where one of the new classrooms will be situated. The Art Room will be moved from its current location to
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  • Regeneration

    Published 09/02/17

    Regeneration information

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