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Welcome To Ash Class! 


Ash Class are mindful, positive learners who are always ready for a challenge! We are proud to set an example to the rest of Barlby as one half of the eldest year at school. 

So far this term we have:


Autumn 1: Shakespeare

Learnt about A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare - and written our own opening! 

Visited The Globe Theatre and completed a professional acting workshop. 

Learnt a play in Shakespearean language and acted in a real theatre (Shakespeare at The Playground Theatre Nov '19)

Visited Finastra for a Computing workshop, focusing on coding.


Autumn 2: Blood Heart

Studied Malorie Blackman's Pig Heart Boy and written a balanced argument on the scientific topic of Xenotransplantation.

Dissected a real lamb's heart to further improve our anatomical understanding of how our own hearts work 


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