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Gifted And Talented 

At Barlby Primary School we are proud to celebrate the success of all pupils – whether this is in academic subjects, sport, music or the arts.

We are committed to providing pupils who are identified as gifted or talented with the encouragement and support that they need in order to reach their full potential in both school curriculum and extra-curriculum activities. Our focus is on achievement, not just attainment and we celebrate excellence in all its different facets. All members of the school community work together, with parental support, in order to provide stimulating and challenging opportunities that will extend knowledge, skills and understanding: the aim is to open doors to learning beyond the classroom. As a school we celebrate achievements from outside of school and give pupils the opportunity to share their successes within the classroom and in whole school assemblies. We recognise that all pupils, including those with Special Educational Needs, can be Gifted and Talented in specific areas and we work tirelessly to highlight this.

As with Special Educational Needs, the constant monitoring of children’s progress throughout the school may highlight children who are particularly able in certain subjects. Class teachers are able to address the needs of these children in their classroom by careful grouping of children and setting open-ended investigational work which a child can develop as far as their abilities allow.

We are fortunate enough to have a specialist music teacher, PE coach and an in house artist, meaning that children are able to exceed in core, physical and creative areas of the curriculum.

Through quality provision and an effective tracking system, Gifted and Talented pupils continue to be stretched and achieve in Barlby Primary School. The most able pupils continue to be challenged rigorously and perform to high standard as a consequence.




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