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WHAT OUR PARENTS and children SAY 

Here are a few things that some of our parents say about our school:

  • "I'm so happy with the open mornings." Year 1 Parent 
  • "Looking at my daughter's Art work and it is amazing!" Year 1 Parent
  • "I love seeing the amazing progress my daughter makes." Year 1 Parent
  • "Thank you very much for all the support you give to my daughter." Year 1 Parent
  • "It is so easy to speak to the teachers." Year 2 Parent
  • "My son is doing so well at school. I am very happy." Year 2 parent
  • "Well done!" Year 2 Parent
  • "A big 'Thank You' to all of you supporting my daughter in her learning." Year 2 Parent
  • "I really enjoyed seeing all of the fantastic learning at open morning. I especially enjoyed that my son could explain how and what he had been learning. The improvement in his learning from Year 1 to Year 2 is very noticeable and in such a short space of time." Year 2 Parent
  • I am so impressed at the level of confidence my child has in their learning now! Thank you for enabling him to enjoy school again." Year 2 Parent
  • "Next time I would like to see... More of the same please!" Year 2 Parent
  • "Seeing my daughter happy and creative in her writing and emotion. She enjoys school and is always happy to do her work." Year 2 Parent
  • "Thank you for all your hard work." Year 2 Parent
  • "I love listening how excited my daughter is when she is talking about her learning." Year 2 Parent
  • "There are great opportunities to talk to teachers about my child's progress." Year 1 Parent 
  • "The school is very well organised." Year 1 Parent 
  • "It's really lovely to see how much work the children get through in a day." Year 1 Parent
  • "Fantastic!" Year 1 Parent
  • "I am so happy with my daughter's progress in year 3. I am grateful to her teacher, she is very easy to talk to." Year 3 Parent
  • "It's been inspiring to see my child's work." Year 3 Parent
  • "My daughter is really enjoying the topic about Blue Abyss, she talks about the treatment of the animals in Sea World and has now developed very strong views on mistreated animals. My daughter talks lots about her learning and i'm really pleased." Year 4 Parent
  • "Very impressed with the books. What an interesting and engaging topic!" Year 4 Parent 
  • "TAs deserve a mention. My child's classroom TA is brilliant!" Year 4 Parent 
  • "Thank you for inviting us into class every half term."  Year 4 Parent 
  • "Fantastic! Lovely to see all the hard work." Year 2 Parent
  • "The open mornings are brilliant. My child loves showing me her work and telling me about it!" Year 1 Parent
  • "I've really enjoyed learning about different aspects of the curriculum." Year 1 Parent
  • "Barlby is the best school we have experienced. My child thrived and was appreciated and encouraged." Year 5 Parent 
  • "Couldn’t be more happy with the school and teachers." Reception Class Parent 
  • "The staff and teamwork within the school is amazing and really shows within." Year 6 Parent 
  • "Wonderful family community." Year 2 Parent 
  • "The best thing is the effort the teachers put in with the children and parents." Nursery Class Parent 
  • "The teachers are so supportive to the children and parents." Year 6 Parent 
  • "Very good school – the best !" Year 3 Parent 
  • "My son knew what he has been learning and could talk about it" Year 1 Parent 
  • "I love these mornings! My daughter loves discussing her work with me" Year 1 Parent 
  • "I have seen such an improvement since September!" Year 1 Parent
  • "We got to see all of our children's books which was great. I thoroughly enjoyed this open morning!" Year 1Parent 
  • "I love coming in to see their work and my son gets so excited. I think it helps the children to want to do better so they can show off what they have done" Year 1 Parent 
  • "A great opportunity to focus on your child, look at their learning and progress without any distractions!" Year 2 Parent 
  • "This is a great opportunity to see what is being done in the classroom" Year 2 Parent 
  • "Open morning is a lovely morning and a nice chance to get the see the children's work, and for them to show off." Year 2 Parent 
  • "It was a fantastic open morning and the class is well organised" Year 2 Parent 
  • "We are leaving Barlby with heavy hearts as we love the area and especially Barlby - our daughter is so happy there and I can't believe how much she's learned since September. If only we could transplant you all twenty miles to the east! You've all been absolutely fantastic with her and we couldn't be more grateful." Year 1 Parent 
  • "We are going to miss Barlby! - Best school ever." Year 6 Parent


Open Mornings:

Here is what some  of our pupils think about our open mornings for parents: 

  • “I like the fact that parents can see how children are improving every half-term.” Year 3 Pupil 
  • “I like the way you can show your learning. We did a dance and parents get to see what we do.” Year 3 Pupil 
  • “I enjoyed sharing PowerPoints with parents. We were learning about global warming and we could share that.” Year 5 Pupil 
  • “It offers parents a chance to see what children are doing in their learning.” Year 6 Pupil 
  • “It is better (than previous open mornings) because parents see all our learning instead of what we are doing right now.” Year 5 Pupil 
  • “Mums and dads get to look at your books and see how much we do.” Year 3 Pupil 
  • “It’s better now. We will learn lots more if they (parents) know what we are learning about.” Year 5 Pupil 
  • “It’s good because they (parents) can search at home to help you with your learning.” Year 3 Pupil 
  • “I remember you couldn’t talk (previous open mornings) and now you can actually tell them (parents) what you have been learning.” Year 6 Pupil 
  • “They (family) get to be proud of you.” Year 5 Pupil 
  • "My child enjoyed telling me about her work!" Year 2 Parent
  • "Everything we saw was amazing! I am very happy to see how my daughter is improving." Year 2 Parent
  • "My daughter is very enthusiastic about her work and loves telling me about everything she has been doing. It's also good to watch how she interacts with the other children and teachers. These mornings are very valuable to see what goes on in class. I love them." Year 2 Parent
  • "So wonderful to see a variety of books and seeing his progress throughout the year." Year 2 Parent
  • "We really enjoy seeing all the hard work the children and the school is doing. Also my child gets so excited to show work!" Year 2 Parent
  • "Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity."Year 2 Parent
  • "I am very happy with my daughters work! I could see lots of improvements in her handwriting and maths." Year 3 Parent
  • "Very good to see my daughters work. She seemed very passionate when talkjng about her work. Very happy with her progress" Year 3 Parent
  • "A big thank you to all the team for their great suport with regards to learning and development activities from all Year 3 pupils." Year 3 Parent
  • "I like the way you teach the children" Year 3 Parent


Parent Meetings 





Open Morning held Autumn 2


Open Morning held Autumn 2 

Yr 1

Parents of 42 children attended  

Yr 2


Parents of 42 children attended  

Yr 3

Parents of 42 children attended  

Yr 4

Parents of 38 children attended  

Yr 5

Parents of 48 children attended  

Yr 6

Shakespeare performances at The Oratory Theatre

Parents of 235 children attended in total - 95% of school population Autumn (excluding EYFS and Year 6 who did not have an open morning).